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Loved by all urbanites and city slickers, the hotdog is the ultimate fast food option. Fast, convenient and full of flavour – and just that little bit cooler than the burger! There is nothing that beats a good hotdog…. except a Sausage Saloon Hotdog! With an exciting selection of sauces and toppings, Sausage Saloon takes a good ol’ fashioned classic and turns it into an explosion of fun for your taste buds! Welcome to Sausage Saloon!


Probably the best hotdogs in the world!

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The Incredible Double Rib Dog

27th July 2016

The Guys at Sausage Saloon are at it again launching yet another inventive product 'The Incredible Double Rib Dog'. These guys have no limits and clearly dont comply with rules because they don't believe in regulations. Not only are they selling 2 rib patty's in a triple cut roll, you get all your favourite toppings and sauces for FREE. Its absolutely crazy!!! All is great and all is good, a mov [...]

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Langeberg Mall meets the Monster

7th July 2016

Sausage Saloon are very proud to announce their arrival at Langeberg Mall Mossel Bay with the Monster Manhattan. This upmarket mall is located in the beautiful town of Mossel Bay in the Cape. It is a unique shopping mall that attracts visitors and locals. There is something for everyone in this well maintained mall from high fashion boutiques, food centres, fine restaurants and banking faciliti [...]

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The Air Show

15th June 2016

The Wonderboom Adrenalin air show took place over the 11th and 12th of June.This was their 80th year hosting this event and the crowd definitely agreed it was one of the best.From cars, to planes and probably the best hotdogs in the world this was an event for the whole family. Look out for next years event and make sure you don't miss out !!! [...]

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Hotdogs in a Zapp !!!!

20th May 2016

Hotdogs in a Zapp !!!!   With Zapper on your smartphone you can pay securely for your meal in seconds. Zapper also has handy features for adding a tip quickly or splitting the bill between friends. But the benefits of Zapper grow the more you use it because when you use Zapper to pay for your Hotdogs, you automatically become eligible to receive great promotion vouchers and discounts. [...]

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